Arno Schuitemaker – 30 appearances out of darkness (mastering)


30 Appeances out of Darkness 30 appearances out of darkness Mesmerizing, mysterious, and hypnotic, 30 appearances out of darkness is a performance about disappearing — and appearing. Arno Schuitemaker: “Maybe it is proof that I am getting older, but I feel that I am less and less resisting the vulnerability of life. When I was reading Derek Jarman’s book Chroma … Read More

The Bullfight – Some Devine Gift (mastering)


Some Devine GiftRotterdam based folk noir band The Bullfight will release their new spoken word album, Some Divine Gift, on November 11 via Brandy Alexander Recordings (vinyl, CD). The album features contributions from Barry Hay (Golden Earring), Spinvis, David Boulter (Tindersticks), Alex Roeka, Daisy Cools, Mark Ritsema, and Nick Verhoeven.

Remy Alexander & Kluster 5

Voor zijn nieuwe album componeerde Remy Alexander een aantal werken voor Kluster 5. Release 2022.

Mallet Collective (t.b.a.)

Mixage en mastering van 3 werken (Reich, Mellits, Strootman) voor promovideo van Mallet Collective

Valentijn – Rare Flow

Mix+Master Check videoclip hier

Arno Schuitemaker – OSCAR

Mastering trailer OSCAR Arno Schuitemaker

Puntageist – Commando

Avro/Tros – Nederlandse Bach Vereniging (Zing Mee 2021)

Audioproductie  voor de 2021 editie van Zing Mee met Bach van NPO Radio4 (online 21 mei) in samenwerking met Nederlandse Bach Vereniging


cd cover

Recording/mixing/mastering: Studio Charlatan PEAX was born as multi stylistic cross-over ensemble by saxophonist Ties Mellema and percussionist/drummer Barry Jurjus. PEAX integrates all of the music that has resonated with Barry and Ties in their 20+ years career as classical and cross-over musicians. RESET is the result of several resets in different areas. Ties having had cancer in 2015 and 2017 … Read More

Ensemble Vonk

UIt de voorstelling ‘Grond’: Kalevala: mastering Underground: mastering